Notable Repositories


A gameboard ruby gem for quick creation of backend games in ruby.

Main features include:

  • Meticulously documented
  • Strict MVC framework
  • Various game logic helper methods, such as a function to return every diagonal on the gameboard


Ruby gem to auto generate documentation for your source

Main features include:

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Works with Classes, Methods and Modules
  • catches readers and writers for even better documentation

conversation forms

Ruby gem to turn any ordinary form into a converstion

Main features include:

  • One way value-binding
  • set custom questions, labels and errors
  • Integration with normal asset pipeline
  • Easy to use built in validations
  • Advanced Initialization options

Yes, Chef!

Yes, Chef! simplifies menu setup and ordering for easier communication between personal chefs and their clients

  • Calendar based ordering and menu setting
  • Order Data tracking for chefs to better track which items are selling well and what needs to be dropped
  • Automated Emails and reminders, both client and chef side
  • Lazy Image Processing for a better user experience

Project Danebook

An add free Social Media Web app, emphasizing a global notification system, two way friend-requesting, Image and Gallery tracking and commentable posts and galleries

Main features include:


  • Users can post what they are feeling on their timeline
  • A New Post form is present at the top of their newsfeed and timeline
  • Any Post can be commented on and liked by Users and their Friends


  • Users can create galleries and post images to share with their friends
  • Images can have likes and comments by the user and their Friends
  • Any Image can be set as a profile image or cover image
  • A running history of profile photos is kept in the Profile Images gallery


  • Users can request to be friends with other users.
  • An accepted friend request creates a friendship
  • Users can comment on their friends posts and images